Cookies & Bars

Brady’s PB&J: $2.95

Two peanut butter cookies filled with peanut butter cream and homemade raspberry jam buttercream.. 

The Dirty Jonny: $3.50

The most famous of treats at The Baking Hive…this decadent bar start with with a chocolate chip cookie base, then a chocolate fudge brownie and finally topped with our famous chocolate buttercream. Named after the Queen Bee’s favorite Scottish love, Jonny. This bar is as exciting as and tastes as good as Jonny looks! Simply life-changing. 

Caramel Jaguar Bar: $3.50

This caramel-filend oatmeal delight will let out a delicious roar in your mouth just as it does for the Queen Bee’s favorite Jacksonville Jaguar friends who named this bar their own!

Nutty Lisa:  $2.95

Named after one of the Queen Bee’s favorite Aunts, we take two of our famous peanut butter cookies, sandwich them with peanut butter cream, then dip it in chocolate and roll the cookie sandwich in chopped peanuts.

Sticky Sammy: $3.50

Traditionally called a Millionaire Shortbread in London, this bar has been reinvent and named once again after one of the Queen Bee’s favorite British men..Sam! The Sticky Sammy is a homemade shortbread, topped with homemade caramel and then lathered with milk or dark chocolate. Think gourmet Twix bar that will rock your world and make you feel like a million bucks!

Seasonal Fruit Crumb Bars:  $3.50 

Each bar always starts with a yummy shortbread base, topped with a jam made of seasonal fruit and then an oatmeal crumble.

Shortbread Cookies: $2.00 

This is our take on the sugar cookie…using the best butter we can get our hands on we give you a soft-baked short bread and then brush on a light almonds glaze. Sure to be your next sweet-addiction.

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Cakes:  $3.50 

Moist, pumpkin spice cake that with have you doubting it’s dairy and gluten free!

Gluten-Free Brownies: $3.50

These brownies are so moist and delicious that you’d easily mistake them for our traditional gluten-FILLED brownies.