NEW 4-Week Take Home Baking Classes for Kids & Jr Bakers!!

  • 1 Class per week, for 4 weeks
  • JULY Session STARTS: WednesdayJULY 8
  • Kits include all ingredients packaged and sealed (except some wet ingredients) and written directions to easily follow.
  • Each week a Bake-Along Tutorial will be posted on our private Instagram Class Page for students to follow and bake along with.
  • Students will have the option to pick up all 4 kits at one time OR visit the bakery each week to pick up your kit (please designate in notes at checkout which you’d prefer). June session first pickup will be: WednesdayJULY 8 (12-4pm)
  • Take Home format allows for flexibility during busy summer schedules and ability to do baking class from any location you’d like—just need WiFi and an Oven!
  • Also allows for parents to be in full control of their children’s interactions/contact with others (can gather to do take home kits with siblings, cousins or neighbors—whatever you as a family feel comfortable with).
  • Bonus: We are able to offer these Take Home Baking Classes at a lower price than our regular classes! Normally $165/child or $200/Jr Baker,  NOW just $85/child or $115/Jr Baker

Kid’s Baking Classes

Cost: $85
Ages: 3-8 yrs
In our Kid’s Baking Classes, all recipes are sized down so they can easily be mixed by hand. No advanced equipment is needed so these classes are most suitable for younger children.
  1. Whoopie Pies
  2. Flowerpot Pizza Bread
  3. Pioneer Peach Pie
  4. M&M Cookies 

Junior Baking Classes

Cost: $115
Ages: 8-14 yrs

In our Junior Baking Classes students will make full batch recipes and learn more advanced techniques  and skills. 


  1. Apple Spice Cake
  2. Pizza
  3. Pioneer Peach Pie 
  4. French Macarons 

Baking Classes for Adults

Stay tuned as Take Home/Online Adult Baking Classes are one their way!!