Our Delicious Flavors:

Almond Raspberry Cake:

Are any two flavors more angelic than almond and raspberry...and when combined make a heavenly symphony in your mouth? I dare say no! 

We take our dense vanilla butter cake, slather it lavishly in our almond buttercream and then pour our homemade raspberry jam on top. No wonder you hear angles sing when you bite into this cake!

Coconut Butter Cake:

Dense buttery coconut cake, sprinkled with coconut throughout. Then iced with a light coconut cream cheese icing and dusted with another dash of coconut.

David’s Luscious Lemon Cake:

This cake is the personification of fresh, lemony goodness. The cake is made using fresh lemon juice and lemon zest, folded with sweet cream butter, eggs, sugar and fine flour. Once the golden delight is baked and cooled, it is then iced with the tastiest lemon cream cheese icing the world has ever known. The cream cheese icing is swirled with freshly squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest to give it that true burst of lemon!

Irish Chocolate Cake:

This super dense and dark chocolate cake is made with world-famous Irish stout that deepens and enhances that decadent chocolate flavor. It’s then topped with a very light cream cheese icing. For those of you who like a less-sweet cake, this dessert has your name on it!

Minty Mandy Cake:

Chocolate butter cake with vanilla buttercream, swiped with ganache and topped with Andes Mints.

Salted Cheeky J Cake:

Vanilla butter cake iced with vanilla buttercream then we pour our homemade salted caramel over the entire cake and lightly sprinkle the top of the cake with English sea salt. .

Sticky Toffee Cake:

This classic British comfort cake is filled with dates that melt into the cake as it bakes. When it comes out of the oven, hot toffee sauce is poured all over this warm, caramel delight!

Suzi’s German Chocolate Cake:

The heartwarming delight is a family favorite and was taught and handed down to the head chef by her beloved Grandma Suzi. This moist chocolate cake is first iced with the The Baking Hive’s famous chocolate buttercream and then topped with an indulgent mixture of coconut, toasted pecans and caramel—just like Grandma Suzi used to make! It will bring a smile to your mouth and a hug to your soul all at the same time.

Triple Chocolate Cake:

Dense chocolate butter cake, iced with the creamiest chocolate buttercream and then swirled with ganache.

Victoria Sponge Cake:

This cake hails from Great Britain and takes it’s name from Her Royal Highness, Queen Victoria. This cake politely screams royal indulgence as it’s buttery yellow cake is filled with a proper amount of cream cheese icing and a delightful homemade strawberry jam and then the top of the cake receives a royal dusting of powder sugar.

Seasonal Flavors:

With each season, The Baking Hive offers a variety of flavors using produce and ingredients that are in season as well as flavors that best celebrate each holiday! Strawberry and Pink Champagne, Spiced Pair, Carrot Cake, Coffee Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Summer Peach, etc.

Most cake flavors are also offered in a gluten-free and/or dairy-free version.


6 inch single layer $16; Gluten Free: $20 Serves 6-8
6 inch triple layer $32; Gluten Free: $40 Serves 8-12
8 inch single layer $32; Gluten Free: $40 Serves 8-12
8 inch triple layer $48; Gluten Free: $58 Serves 16-20
10 inch single layer $48; Gluten Free: $58 Serves 16-20
10 inch triple layer $64; Gluten Free: $74 Serves 30-36
***larger cake sizes available, please call bakery for pricing